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Refurbished CMS36

We currently have a range of refurbished machines available for purchase.  Please call us on +44 (1)117 9555100 or email us on for price and full specifications.

Refurbished CMS36 Wetcast Production Machine


The CMS36  is a robust and reliable machine easily capable of producing over 1800 carriers of product per 8 hour shift by 2 operators (excluding batching).  The machine has a full specification and was supplied with all optional machine nodules.  Spare parts are still readily available and easy to obtain.  The machine has been refurbished and all wear items replaced.  It has been tested in our workshops and can be seen running.  In addition, the machine is offered with carriers.  We have a full history for the machine and it was well maintained and only sold due to company closure.


The machine comprises:


·        Single Stack Infeed Buffer Statiopn

              To hold a stack of carriers ready for loading into the machine, enabling the fork-lift              operator to complete other tasks.

·        Destacker

             To separate individual carriers from the stack and pass into the machine

·        Demoulder

             A carriage mounted vacuum demoulder supplied with two sets of interchangeable

             Heads suitable for various product sizes to automatically remove product from the              mould  and transfer to the demould conveyor.

·        Demould Conveyor

             To transfer product from the safe zone  of the demoulder to a manual operator for              palletising.

·        Carrier Tipout

             After demoulding the product from the mould the empty mould is turned upside              down to empty the mould of any debris.  This ensures high quality products are              produced.                                                                                                                           

·        Mould Oiler for application of release agent.


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Full specification CMS 36 with palletising system!  Awaiting refurbishment to customer’s specification.  Please call +44 (0)1179 555100 for further details or email

+44 (0)117 9555100